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We provide transportation from your home or your clinic for cremation services. If your pet has passed away throughout the night we recommend placing a towel or blanket around your pet. Their body will be just fine until we’re able to come pick up your pet which will be within minutes up to a couple hours, certainly keeping them in a cooler space would be the best.






100 % Private Cremation:


    • $262.00    Regardless of size

The cremation takes place 100%privately. Only your pet is inside the entire Crematory. Completely alone. Cremation starts as soon as possible. Your pet’s ashes are placed inside a dark wood urn, then inside a velvet urn bag. (Engraving Not Included)

Laser Engraving $50.00



Semi Private:


    • 0-75 lbs            $180.00
    • 76lbs -135 lbs  $215.00

The cremation takes place with a maximum of 3 pets inside. Each pet is kept separated by several feet and a physical concrete barrier. Ashes are swept out separately and placed into a simple plastic container. Ashes are returned  in a foldable cardboard urn box within 3-5 days.



Simple/ Group Cremation:


    • 0-75 lbs             $65.00
    • 76 lbs-135 lbs   $75.00

Pets are placed inside the crematory with NO dividers or Separation. No ashes are returned, they are scattered by our cremation team on a private wooded property in northern MN.

The same care and compassion, respect and dignity that any of us would receive at the time of our passing, is how we treat each pet. We know how special they are to you.  I encourage anyone to spend the time researching your options, but I assure you, we will handle your pet with care.

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